It Came From Out Of Place EP

by flat party

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This is something I made in the time between lectures and being drunk, it's nothing great, but I hope you like it.

It started as an idea for a 4 track EP, but increased boredom and skint-ness extended it somewhat.

The recordings are very lofi, it's more about capturing my ideas when I have them, than any sort of shiny, produced album. And I like movie samples.

OHH If you download it, you get 3 "bonus" covers I recorded of a couple bands I like, and some other stuff, so yeah download it, it's free (or pay me, i don't care).

To get it free put zero when it asks you how much you wanna pay.


released March 30, 2012

Various movies, Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Boredom.



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flat party UK

One man acoustic/emo/electronic/whatever else project at uni.

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Track Name: Bananas and Peanut Butter
Every morning I shower in my little pod,
I think about my life, and i think about here.
Three more years, three more years,
are there really three more years?

127 miles seems like a fucking long way away,
and nineteen years seems way too fucking old.

I feel like all i'm doing here is waiting to come home.
There's no getting over this.
Track Name: 654631061
Die alone.
Track Name: Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt
Wake up at 2, pick up at 9, pass out at 5, and then do it again.
Track Name: I Cut My Arms Off
Waking up with stamps on my hands,
from places I don't remember going in.
Everyday it's harder to get out of bed,
knowing in a few weeks im going to leave.

I thought I'd be happier, but I'm not.
Nothing sorts itself out.
I thought I'd finally made it, I could relax.
Nothing sorts itself out.

Relocation again.
No regeneration.